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Lombard Hill Group: About Us

Lombard Hill Group is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in establishing successful software reuse programs in major corporations. Our mission is to enable organizations to reduce time-to-market while improving system quality and organizational productivity through the systematic institutionalization of reuse practices. Our clients have been in diverse industries such as investment banking, insurance, and electronics. As a firm of experienced practitioners, we emphasize a pragmatic approach to implementing and improving a reuse program.

The Lombard Hill Group has and always seeks collaborative partnerships with other service and product firms. If you have a proposal for such an arrangement, please contact us at info@lombardhill.com.

Lombard Hill Group: Managing Director Biography

Lombard Hill Group: Managing Director Biography. Wayne C. Lim specializes in the strategic planning, economic, organizational, and metric issues of software reuse. He is the author of numerous papers and a Prentice-Hall book, "Managing Software Reuse." Dr. Lim is the recipient of an IEEE Best Article Award for his research in reuse. He helped start and manage the Corporate-wide Reuse Programs at Hewlett-Packard and other organizations.

Dr. Lim completed his MBA degree at Harvard University and his doctorate at Case Western Reserve University.

For administrative questions, please contact Don Huey at info@lombardhill.com.